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  • Today's Date: 25 Mar 2017

  • Virgo Today's Horoscope

    Your normal strength and self-discipline may be hard to find today, and that's OK. Don't criticize yourself for it! It's fine to take a day or two every now and then for a mental health break. Let yourself daydream. Indulge in a nap. Read a book or watch a movie, or get lost in your favorite music. These are the kinds of things that bring you pleasure now.

    Mood: glum

    Your Horoscope changes every day so be sure to check back again tomorrow to find out what's in store for you.

    Virgo Tomorrow's Horoscope (26 Mar 2017)

    You're a problem-solver, and you rely heavily on reason to help you solve any day-to-day issues that come up. But today, a vague sense of confusion makes it difficult to focus on the problem itself, much less a logical solution. Perhaps logic isn't the best approach. Tune in to your instincts instead. This may go against how you normally operate. But it will inform you more truly than mere judgment or reason.

    Mood: perplexed

    Your Horoscope changes every day so be sure to check back again tomorrow to find out what's in store for you.

    Virgo Yesterday's Horoscope (24 Mar 2017)

    An intellectual approach to life works well today, and that's perfect for you. You're good at analyzing data, so take a scientific approach to developing a project or solving a problem. If you get lost in big ideas, it's okay. You'll return to the mundane, physical realm soon enough. For now, feel free to spend time in your head. You might end up learning or discovering something you never knew before.

    Mood: irritated

    Your Horoscope changes every day so be sure to recap again tomorrow to see how accurate it was.

    Virgo Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2017

    The month begins on a highly romantic note, thanks to a conjunction between the affectionate Sun and idealistic Neptune on the 1st. If you're single, you could meet someone special at a spiritual, artistic or educational event. Are you already in a relationship? Let your partner lavish you with love. Resist being critical of their efforts to impress you. Fortunately, Mercury, your ruling planet, forms a sextile with perceptive Pluto on the 7th, making you highly attuned to your loved one's needs. Instead of bickering over inconsequential matters, you may feel like your hearts and minds are operating as one. Family life might be stressful on the 12th, when the Full Moon causes an entitled relative to act out. It's important to set healthy boundaries with this individual for your own health and well-being. On the same day, Mercury squares Saturn, suggesting you might have to defend your romantic partner from unkind behavior and unfair attacks. Use your gift with words to make an eloquent defense of the one you love. Mercury moves into your Intimacy Sector on the 13th, making it a good time to visit a private hideaway with your soulmate. The New Moon on the 27th could bring in a significant windfall from a partnership, inheritance or legal settlement. Use this money to make a down payment on a home or car. On the 31st, Mercury moves into your Adventure Sector, making it a great time to go back to school or plan an overseas trip. Research bargain rates on air fares and hotel rooms.

    Your Yearly Horoscope for 2017




    Virgo Today's Financial Horoscope

    Activity in a different market segment could affect the area where your holdings are concentrated. Your own little transactions could trigger ripples deep in other investors' portfolios. Supply and demand might play a big role in this intricate cause and effect model. Leave matters in your broker's hands today if you don't fully understand what's going on. Your financial keywords for today are: affect, trigger

    Mood: intricate

    Your Financial Horoscope changes every day so be sure to check back again tomorrow to find out what's in store for you.

    Your Yearly Horoscope for 2017

    Overview: As the year begins you're feeling especially feisty. With assertive Mars taking up extended residence in your sign you're filled with great determination. Through July 3rd, you have the will to complete whatever you set your mind to. You've got extra help in pursuing your goals during most of this time since lucky Jupiter is in your 9th House of Goals until mid-June. It may very well feel like you have the winds at your back and a guardian angel ushering you on to fulfill your mission. Yet, be especially thoughtful when expending your energy from January 23rd through April 13th when Mars is retrograde. Electric Uranus in your 8th House of Mysteries continues to expand your depths and the things in which you are interested. Subjects you may have considered to be "taboo" hold new interest. When Uranus makes a tense square with passionate Pluto on June 24th and September 19th your notions of what you are capable of are uprooted. You could find yourself with a surprisingly expanded idea of your creative potential. Three times each year your planetary ruler, messenger Mercury, goes retrograde. In 2012 this occurs March 12th through April 4th, July 14th through August 8th, and November 6th through the 26th. These are periods when you could feel more unsettled than normal. With communication more challenging it could take less to ruffle your feathers. Use these times to consider new approaches to getting your work done and more clearly expressing your ideas.

    Love and Romance: Assertive Mars being in Virgo through July 3rd may profoundly impact your relationships. As it's a period of fierce determination it requires that you put more conscious effort into making compromises with others. Poetic Neptune moves into your 7th House of Partnership in February. This ushers in a new phase when it comes to what you need and expect from your relationships. Spiritual and heartfelt affinities take on more importance. Meanwhile be careful to not float into idealism or think you can help rescue others. More often than not this is a surefire path to disappointment and hurt. This is a long-term transition that will unfold over the next 14 years, infusing your relationship arena with a more soul-centered focus. On October 3rd when love goddess Venus opposes Neptune, you may find yourself pulled into the tides of romanticizing your significant other. Yet, it's also a time of connecting to your deepest notions of what love really means. Revolutionary Uranus in your 8th House of Intimacy continues to change the way you establish deep connections with others. At the same time, with passionate Pluto in your 5th House of Romance, love affairs have taken on a more transformative quality. When these two planets meet up in a tense square on June 24th and September 19th, sparks may fly between you and your significant other. If you're single, you may become aware of the attitudes you need to release in order to attract a healthier partnership. Be open to an unexpected glimpse of just how transformational relationships can be.

    Career And Money: The powerful Solar Eclipse on May 20th signals a new avenue in your career. While the direction may not be extremely clear, have faith that events that are manifesting are setting you on a unique path. Just where you're headed should become more evident over the next six months. Just two weeks later, at the June 4th Lunar Eclipse, you'll get insights into how to better balance your work and home life. Generous Jupiter enters Gemini and your 10th House of Public Recognition on June 11th. The next year should bring you lucky breaks and unexpected opportunities in your career. You've got room to expand your contributions and may even find new arenas of work you want to pursue. There's a good chance that more people will readily recognize your skills and talents. When the November 28th Lunar Eclipse arrives it offers you insights that allow you to navigate a previous career impasse. If it has been a year of ups and downs at work, you may now feel relieved, focused on a new direction. As for your financial life, for the past two years serious Saturn has been traveling through your 2nd House of Value. It's been urging you to take responsibility for your finances and get serious about money matters. The importance of being diligent about your budget continues throughout the beginning of October. After that, you'll notice the rewards for all your focused effort. You're better off reviewing financial plans from February 7th through June 25th rather than making any long-term investment commitments.

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