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  • Today's Date: 31 May 2016

  • Taurus Today's Horoscope

    You have a project or goal in mind that you want to achieve, but there's a possibility you could run into a snag today. Maybe your planning wasn't perfect, or maybe something's come up that you didn't anticipate. Either way, stay calm. A slow, measured approach will serve you much better than an stubborn, fixed one. You'll reason your way through this situation, just like you have before. You're good at that, Taurus.

    Mood: infatuated

    Your Horoscope changes every day so be sure to check back again tomorrow to find out what's in store for you.

    Taurus Tomorrow's Horoscope (01 Jun 2016)

    Your personal goals loom large, clear and insistent in your mind today. That's a good thing, but be careful how you present your ideas to other people. It may be better just to proceed on your own, for now. Otherwise, you might come across to others in ways you don't intend. So work solo on your plans, and present them in a few days, when your energy is more grounded.

    Mood: lazy

    Your Horoscope changes every day so be sure to check back again tomorrow to find out what's in store for you.

    Taurus Yesterday's Horoscope (30 May 2016)

    It's time for another major test of substance and character. Ladies and gentlemen keep the tone civil, but you already knew that. Savvy people focus on the positive, even if it's just a smokescreen for something less pleasant but still necessary. Whether you have a big stake in certain rumors or you just get a charge from the insider buzz of gossip, there will be more subtle ways to strut your superior knowledge and dish some truly exquisite dirt today. Impress people with your restraint and your unspoken guesses about what the future might hold.

    Mood: tolerant

    Your Horoscope changes every day so be sure to recap again tomorrow to see how accurate it was.

    Taurus Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2016

    You may be asked to take charge of a group effort on the 1st; providing leadership to a team of artists will be rewarding. Someone could make romantic overtures to you on the 2nd; you'll find the attention gratifying. On the 6th, the New Moon will inspire you to realize a cherished dream. It's a great time to revamp your wardrobe, visit a foreign country, submit a book for publication or enroll in a challenging educational program. An opportunity to earn money from your creative expertise could arrive on the 7th. You'll enjoy sharing your knowledge with receptive students. Enthusiastic Jupiter will move forward on the 9th, making you a magnet for love and affection. You could exchange loving words with someone who understands your needs. It will be a great day to embark on a romance or rekindle the passion between you and a committed partner. The 10th is ideal for getting a salon treatment or massage; indulge yourself on this magical day. Information from the past may come to light and empower you to make a bold choice on the 12th. The 13th is ideal for showcasing your creative talent. Don't be surprised when a respected authority praises you work. On the 20th, the Sun will change signs, making it easier to find moneymaking opportunities. The Full Moon on the 21st could mark the successful conclusion of a challenging work assignment. Turn a deaf ear to a rival's nasty remarks on the 22nd; understand this person is consumed by jealousy. Financial matters could strain a romantic relationship on the 26th; alternatively, you may have to tell a child you can't afford an expensive indulgence. Mars moves into another sign on the 27th, making you more assertive about your needs. An influential leader may promote your abilities on the 30th.

    Your Yearly Horoscope for 2016




    Taurus Today's Financial Horoscope

    It's been quite a day, and you're probably ready to quit. If there's an extra burst of market activity, maybe you can wring a few quick trades out of it. Remember, though, that nothing's permanent and everybody's hungry. And if you're prepared to lose a little, you might learn a lot about who you'll be up against next time. Your financial keywords for today are: extra burst, hungry

    Mood: learn a lot

    Your Financial Horoscope changes every day so be sure to check back again tomorrow to find out what's in store for you.

    Your Yearly Horoscope for 2012

    Overview: Dreamy Neptune moves into your 11th House of Groups in February. Beginning this year, participating in community projects takes on more significance and meaning. Generous Jupiter has been in your sign since last June inspiring a time of new beginnings. Through early this June, opportunities come your way that enable you to grow and get to better know yourself. When Jupiter moves into Gemini on June 11th, it transitions into your 2nd House of Values. If you focus on the things that you truly find important, you'll have more luck attracting them into your life. Saturn has been in Libra and your 6th House of Everyday Routines for the past two-plus years. You've been under pressure to become more organized. Its tenure continues through October, during which time you can establish systems that make your life easier. It's also a period that emphasizes the importance of taking your health seriously and doing what you can to improve it. Late June and mid September-when powerful Pluto and electric Uranus square each other---may be a bit tumultuous. You can release stress by letting go of any tightly held goals that truly don't serve your best interests. Your intuitive awareness may hold the key. It will reveal which goals to pursue and which ones aren't fruitful. When Saturn moves into Scorpio and your 7th House of Partnership on October 5th, the spotlight is off work and turns to relationships. For the next two-plus years, this is the area that will require great attention.

    Love and Romance: It's an active year for love and relationships. Through early July, assertive Mars in your romance sector ignites your passion. On January 13th when poetic Neptune unites with your planetary ruler Venus, it could seem as if you're wearing rose-colored glasses. Idealism about love could get the better of you. Yet, since Venus also harmonizes with taskmaster Saturn that day, focusing on practical matters should help you to not totally lose your bearings. Your desire to be in a new relationship or strengthen an existing one comes to light on the Scorpio Full Moon on May 5th. Yet, try not to make any commitments to an existing or potential partner from May 15th through June 27th. This is when Venus is retrograde, a better time for re-assessing values than making lasting decisions. On August 15th and 16th, as Venus connects to powerful Pluto and eccentric Uranus, uncertainty shakes up your romantic life. Saturn moves into Scorpio the beginning of October. It ushers in a two-plus year period that calls you to take your relationships more seriously. It may feel like they are being put through the ringer as you see which ones truly serve you and which ones don't. Be honest about your needs and remember that great relationships do require work and effort. The Solar Eclipse on November 13th can inspire a new romance or initiate a fresh start in an existing one. Don't be surprised if a chance encounter with another person changes your life path.

    Career And Money: Your career path should become much clearer after February. Since 1999 dreamy Neptune has been in your 10th House of Public Recognition. It's been a long-term period of confusion related to the type of work you want to pursue. At the same time, you've had visions into what a more soul-satisfying career could look like. Beginning this year, you'll be more squarely on your way to transforming your ideals into realities. Yet, taskmaster Saturn in your 6th House of Routines reminds you that it still takes hard work and diligence to attain your goals. Work pressure lifts in October when the planet of responsibility moves into Scorpio. If you apply the lessons you've learned about how to be organized and productive, you'll reap rewards. This year's Eclipses put the spotlight on money matters. A new phase takes root on May 20th during the Solar Eclipse. While its manifestations may not be immediately evident, they'll become more so over the next six months. Your finances should pick up in June when expansive Jupiter moves into Gemini and your 2nd House of Resources. You have opportunities to attract additional income into your life. Yet, it's still very important to pay close attention when managing your money. You don't want overoptimism to cause you to make investment decisions you'll later regret. If boundaries around money aren't clear, the Lunar Eclipse on November 28th can inspire tension. It's a time of clarifying what belongs to you and what belongs to another.

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