mEazy Ltd Prohibited and Restricted Items

mEazy Ltd reserves the right to remove any prohibited and restricted items including those not on this list if they are considered inappropriate, illegal or are in breach of our User Agreement. Listing fees (if applicable) are non-refundable.

You are responsible in making sure that you are legally allowed to buy or sell an item. Please find out before listing.

The following list is not intended to be an exhaustive statement of prohibited and restricted items.

You must have a licence to list wine and other alcohol on mEazy Ltd and display your licence number in the listing. Make sure you know the laws of trading alcohol in the UK.

Animal Traps – Steel Jaw / Foot Hold
You must not list any working Steel Jaw / Foot Hold animal traps on mEazy Ltd. Steel Jaw / Foot Hold animal traps can only be listed in the Collectables category when fully disabled and no longer operable for its intended purpose. It must be clearly outlined in the description of the listing that it has been rendered inoperable.

Animals, Animal Products, Organs or any Body Parts
You must not list any illegal animal/wildlife products or internal organs including human parts & remains. Pets can be listed in the Pets category as Classified ads. Note: Most pets MUST be at least 8 weeks old before they can be released.

Artefacts and Heritage Items
You must not list any artefacts or heritage items on mEazy Ltd.

Adult Related Items
Images or content which is adult or sexual related or inappropriate for people under 18 is not allowed unless listed in the Adult Category. You must not list items that are considered to be indecent by the authorities or illegal to sell in the UK.

Copyright-infringing, Replica and Counterfeit Items
You must not list items or include content which breaches any copyright or other intellectual property rights. Unauthorised replicas and counterfeits are not allowed to be listed on mEazy Ltd. If you are unsure if an item is genuine, do not list it on mEazy Ltd. (Any product that bears a trade mark not owned by the manufacturer or used under the trade mark owner’s licence, must not be listed.)

Downloadable Media
Items that can be downloaded (digital) can only be listed by sellers that own the intellectual property or are authorised to distribute the intellectual property by the intellectual property owner.

You must not list any controlled prescription drugs herbal or chemical on mEazy Ltd. The sale of bongs, ice pipes and other drug-taking paraphernalia is illegal and will not be allowed on mEazy Ltd, whether or not the bong or pipe was intended to be used to administer a prohibited drug.

The term “food business” refers to a business, enterprise or activity that involves:

(a) the handling of food intended for sale; or
(b) the sale of food

Regardless of whether the business, enterprise or activity concerned is of a commercial, charitable or community nature or whether it involves the handling or sale of food on one occasion only, when listing food on mEazy Ltd, the following Australian standards must be adhered to:

Food packaging:

the packaging material used, must be fit for its intended purpose;
the material used must be deemed to be unlikely to cause food contamination; and
any threats of contamination must be eliminated during the packaging process
Food transportation:

when transporting food, all food must be protected from the likelihood of contamination;
all potentially hazardous food must be transported under the required temperature control; and
all potentially hazardous food which is intended to be transported frozen, must remain frozen during the duration of the transportation.
All food listed on mEazy Ltd, must comply with Food Safety Standards. (

You must not list any fireworks on mEazy Ltd.

Humans, Human Products, Organs or any Body Parts
No matter how irritating they may be, you must not list your husband/wife/children/parents/ siblings or any other human being (or any human organ or body part) for sale on this site!

Lock Picking Devices
You must not list any lock picking or lock smithing device including key cutters.

Noxious Weeds
Before listing plants or seeds ensure you are aware and up-to-date with the current laws for noxious weeds. Plants or seeds that are officially listed as a noxious weed must not be listed on mEazy Ltd.

OEM Software
You must not list Original Equipment Manufacturer software (OEM) on mEazy Ltd unless listed with the specified accompanying hardware.

Police and Emergency Services Related Items
You must not list official Police or Emergency services equipment related items on mEazy Ltd regardless of origin (other countries). For example: badges, uniforms and any official or recent issue equipment. Any Police or Emergency items listed must be obsolete and in no way resemble official or recent issue. You must state this fact in your item description.

Postage Stamps
Used and “washed” Royal Mail postage stamps offered for sale, with the obvious intention that they will be re-used must not be listed on mEazy Ltd.

Radio Communications Devices
Mobile telephone jammers, GPS (Global Positioning System) jammers and mobile telephone boosters must not be listed on mEazy Ltd. Jammers in particular are prohibited devices and cannot be sold or used within the UK. In the UK the use of any radio transmitting device is required to be either licensed or specifically exempted from licensing under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 (WT Act 2006).

Real Estate
Real estate can be listed on mEazy Ltd but due to the complicated laws governed by the sale of real estate, real estate items won on mEazy Ltd may not be legally binding. Sellers can list real estate as a way to advertise their real estate to potential buyers.

Safety Products
Items which rely on being kept in perfect condition for safety purposes such as child car seats, boosters, bicycle helmets etc may only be sold on the site if they are brand new and in the original packaging. As mEazy Ltd has no idea if any of these have been involved in an accident, second hand (previously loved) items of this type must not be listed on mEazy Ltd.

Software That Accesses mEazy Ltd
You must not list software which directly or indirectly accesses mEazy Ltd’s web site and database without approval by mEazy Ltd.

Stolen Goods
Goods to which you are not the legal owner or which you are not otherwise legally entitled to sell must not be listed on mEazy Ltd.

Tickets Over Face Value
mEazy Ltd does not allow tickets to be re-sold beyond their face value. To prevent tickets being sold over their face value they must be listed as “BuyNow Only” (instant purchase, no auction) items with a price below or equal to the face value.

You must not list tobacco which includes cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless tobacco on mEazy Ltd. Tobacco related items may be allowed for sale with the exception of bongs, ice pipes or any other drug-taking paraphernalia.

Used Clothing
Clothing that has been used may be listed, however, the garment must be in reasonable condition and cleaned before sending. Used underwear and swimwear (including children’s) and cloth nappies must not be listed on mEazy Ltd.

Used Cosmetics
Used cosmetics must not be listed on mEazy Ltd.

Weapons, Knives and Firearms
Weapons, knives and firearms must not be listed on mEazy Ltd.