Sex Myths

I’ve got kids kills three myths that have been around for a long time about sex and pregnancy.  Enjoy sex without fear and worries of harming your child and spontaneous abortion.

Sex increases the risk of miscarriage

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Many couples worry that sex in early pregnancy can cause miscarriage.  There is however no reason to believe this.  Early miscarriage is generally caused by chromosomal defects – defects in hereditary DNA – or other problems with the development of the foetus or placenta, which do not have anything to do with what you do or do not do.

Sex can harm the foetus

No, not if your cervix is closed and your waters are not leaking (in late pregnancy).  The foetus is well protected by the amniotic fluid inside the uterus.  Strong muscles in the cervix also prevent the possibility of the foetus slipping out of the womb.  Finally, there is a mucus plug which sits in the cervix which seals the womb and protects against infection.  It is not possible for your partner’s penis to get anywhere near the foetus.

An orgasm can cause miscarriage or premature birth

Orgasm can trigger contractions of the uterus.  These contractions are different from the contractions that you experience during childbirth.  Research shows that if your pregnancy is progressing normally, the orgasms with or without sexual intercourse do not lead to premature birth.

Earlier, it was believed that it was not advisable for the pregnant woman to have sex in the last weeks of pregnancy, because semen contains a chemical substance that can stimulate contractions of the uterus.  Recent studies show that sexual intercourse cannot accelerate childbirth.

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Does the thought of sex during pregnancy scare you? If so, why?