Research has long since recommended that pregnant women exercise throughout pregnancy. Keeping fit helps to prevent diabetes in pregnancy and other ailments, and prepares the body for the birth.

The latest research now shows that it is completely irrelevant what kind of exercise you choose. According to a new study, tough workouts before 18 weeks can increase the risk of miscarriage if you choose “wrong” sports trainer or do too much. Women, between weeks 11 and 14 gestation who trained more than seven hours a week had a 3.7 times increased risk of miscarriage compared with women who trained less than 45 minutes a week.

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Swimming is the perfect exercise, because it trains both the large and small muscle groups (arms and legs), provides good exercise for heart and blood circulation, while giving pregnant women the benefit of feeling weightless despite the extra pregnancy pounds.

What exercise did you do in pregnancy? What types of gentle exercise would you recommend?