Sex during pregnancy

Pregnancy leads to a new phase in a person’s sex life.  You can easily continue to grow and to enjoy sex throughout pregnancy.  The baby is well protected in the womb and no harm will come from either sex itself, or the contractions that come after an orgasm which will subside fast.  There is also no risk of infection.  If your pregnancy is progressing normally, there is no risk of giving birth prematurely.

In very rare cases, your midwife or doctor may suggest that you should abstain from sex during pregnancy.  You must always mention to your doctor or midwife if you experience bleeding after intercourse, especially during the first trimester.  You may be advised not to have intercourse for a while, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a full and healthy sex life again later in pregnancy.

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Sex drive

Libido during pregnancy can vary widely from couple to couple and from trimester to trimester.  In any event, it is a new and exciting phase which opens up new thoughts and pleasures.  Remember to be open with each other and talk about your ideas, joys and concerns.

In early pregnancy nausea and fatigue can cause the libido to be reduced, but later it usually returns.

Later in pregnancy, many women actually become more aroused, and this usually continues after the baby is born.  The high concentrations of female and sex hormones causes the genitals to have an increased blood flow, which in turn can make a woman orgasm better.

In late pregnancy a woman’s desire may reduce again.  There is a big tummy which tends to get in the way of everything and she may be feeling physically uncomfortable.  Finding suitable sexual positions can prove virtually impossible.

Any pregnancy which is not classified as “normal” should be addressed individually.  If you think you need special advice on this subject, then discuss it with your midwife or doctor.

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