Belly progression

There is plenty of confusion regarding how many months pregnant someone is. This is caused by health professionals working in maternal weeks, and everyone else in months. Here’s a chart to help make the clarification easier!

Your first trimester is split into three months.

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Month one – weeks 1-4
Month two – weeks 5-8
Month three – weeks 9-13

How many weeks?

A pregnancy goes into the second trimester in week 14.

Month four – weeks 14-17
Month five – weeks 18-21
Month six – weeks 22-26

The third and final trimester starts in week 27.

Month seven – weeks 27-30
Month eight – weeks 31-35
Month nine – weeks 36-40

So now when someone asks how many months pregnant you are… you can answer with confidence!

Many thanks to: Redding Creative Portraits for their permission to use their belly progression images for this article.

Do you think about pregnancy in weeks or months?