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  • Today's Date: 22 May 2017

  • libra Today's Horoscope

    The world is full of hotheads today. That's the current influence at work. Folks are making rash decisions and jumping to conclusions. Don't be surprised if you witness an argument, or worse, get involved in one yourself. And this is despite the fact that you do whatever you can to avoid conflict! Sometimes, it's inevitable. At least you're the type to fight fair. You can keep a disagreement from getting out of hand.

    Mood: hyper

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    Libra Tomorrow's Horoscope (23 May 2017)

    You're feeling stubborn, but this is no time to hide your feelings or be manipulative or deceptive in any way. Instead, be as open and honest about your agenda as possible. People need to know where you stand. They might have no idea how you really feel, so putting your emotions, needs and expectations into words is important. Someone else could actually benefit from knowing you feel so passionately about things.

    Mood: wrinkly

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    Libra Yesterday's Horoscope (21 May 2017)

    Let your passion loose today. You're feeling things more strongly than usual. Give that fervent energy free expression! Why not? If you're worried about overstepping your bounds, don't. That might happen, but it won't be the worst thing in the world. It would be worse to feel something strongly but hang back out of fear. Sometimes, refined behavior isn't the most important thing. A bit of boldness is in order!

    Mood: disorganized

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    Libra Your Monthly Horoscope for May 2017

    Mental Mercury moves direct on the 3rd, making it easier to strike bargains and negotiate contracts. If you've been quarreling with your best friend or romantic partner, it will be easier to find common ground during the first half of May. Try to keep emotion out of the conversation and stick to the facts instead. On the 10th, the Full Moon will rise in your Income Sector. You might receive a handsome payment that allows you to indulge your sensual side. Take this opportunity to purchase a luxury item that has been calling your name. On the 18th, a trine between ambitious Saturn and unique Uranus could signal an unusual partnership. Teaming up with someone who seems to be your polar opposite could be very profitable. They'll be able to cultivate new business while you'll concentrate on retaining customer loyalty. It's an unbeatable combination. Venus, your ruling planet, opposes overconfident Jupiter on the 19th. Don't take this partnership for granted; instead of nit-picking, think of ways to support your associate. The New Moon on the 25th invites you to expand your horizons. It's an excellent time to publish a piece of writing, travel abroad or take an advanced course. People will respond well to your optimistic outlook. If you meet with initial resistance, remain cheerful. This can-do attitude could turn a "no" into a "yes." If you need a loan, apply for one on the 31st, when a trine between communicative Mercury and persuasive Pluto can help you get funding from a lending institution.

    Your Yearly Horoscope for 2017




    Libra Today's Financial Horoscope

    Bring your big idea outside for a field test. Find the energy and money for this, because where's the fun in life if you can't afford to finance your own projects? Use your business discipline today, even if this isn't a business matter. If you burn through everything at once, it could be a while before your next round of funding. Your financial keywords for today are: field test, business

    Mood: round of funding

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    Your Yearly Horoscope for 2012

    Overview: Through early October, Saturn - - the planet of structure and form - - is still in your sign. Similar to the past two years, it's a time that you are called to become more self-reliant. Consider what you truly want in your life and set diligently along a path to achieve it. In February, imaginative Neptune moves back into Pisces and your 6th House of Everyday Routines. This ushers in a 14-year period where you gain a greater appreciation for natural ways to bolster your health and well-being. You'll also gain a better understanding just how connected your mind and body really are. During the Lunar Eclipse on June 4th you see what it is you need to learn in order to more productively go after your goals. On June 11th, when lucky Jupiter enters Gemini and your 9th House of Vision, it sets off a yearlong period of being focused upon broader horizons. Don't be surprised if travel - - or even just learning about foreign cultures - - holds greater appeal. Through the beginning of July asserting yourself may seem more challenging. Look deep within to find your reservoirs of will power and your strong drive. Come July 3rd, this should change, as you become strongly aligned with what you desire. This continues through August 23rd, the period in which action-oriented Mars is in your sign. The Lunar Eclipse on November 28th inspires a shift in your life path related to your goals and what's important to you long term.

    Love and Romance: Electric Uranus has been shaking up your relationship arena for the past year-plus. You're more attracted to people who once seemed too unique or avant-garde for your sensibilities. But now - - and for the next six years - - your idea of who you find interesting and who you want to spend time with is expanding. When imaginative Neptune leaves your 5th House of Romance on February 3rd, you'll have more clarity related to affairs of the heart. The last 14 years inspired dreamy - - and sometimes unattainable - - visions of what a relationship could offer. More clarity should now come your way. One theme coloring the first part of the year is how challenging it may feel to connect with your desires. Yet come July 3rd this should change as passion-oriented Mars moves into your sign. You know what - - and who - - you want, and you have the energy to act upon your intentions. Having a strong relationship requires a person to truly inventory what they need and feel to be important. If anyone can say that they've been working on themselves the past two years, it would be you. You've gained great realization of who you are. That's because taskmaster Saturn has been in your sign, encouraging you to know yourself better. The planet of responsibility will complete its passage through Libra in early October. By this time you'll reap more of the rewards for the work you've done to become more self-aware. This can only but help your love life.

    Career And Money: In January, do what you can to get yourself organized at work. That's because come February, when imaginative Neptune moves into Pisces and your 6th House of Everyday Routines, your attention may become scattered. The upshot of this unfolding 14-year period is the desire to have your work be more meaningful. Yet, the path to that end may seem foggy at times. From August 7th through September 6th your planetary ruler, gracious Venus, adorns your 10th House of Public Recognition. During this period, you get more pleasure from your career. There's a good chance that you'll gain deserved acknowledgement during this time. Mark August 15th and 16th on your calendar - - these are days that unexpected challenges may arise at the office. Since last June opportunities for financial growth have come your way through shared projects and investments. This phase continues through June 11th. During this period, potential exist for expanding your fiscal foundations. Yet, not all joint ventures will pan out so be discriminating. Starting in October, serious Saturn enters your 2nd House of Money. It's a period when fiscal responsibility takes on great importance. For the next two-plus years, benefit comes from creating and following a budget. Educating yourself on money matters - - whether through reading, taking classes, or seeking counsel - - should pay off in spades. A Solar Eclipse on November 13th in this sector kicks off a new phase in your earning potential. Be on the look out for information or connections that help set you on this path.

    Your Parenting Horoscope for 2012

    In Short: Home life continues to undergo profound changes as powerful Pluto tours your fourth sector of home and family.

    Parenting: Your home life continues to undergo significant changes as powerful Pluto transits your fourth house of domesticity. Power struggles will erupt with alarming frequency, but try not to let them throw you. A strong-willed child will continue to test your boundaries. You owe it to him or her to stand firm. Establish some hard and fast rules about behavior, but be lenient about creative expression. Neptune, the planet of dreams, will be touring your creative sector until February 3rd. Ask your problem child to help you with a music, writing, or design project. There’s a very good chance you’ve passed your talent on to one or all of your kids.

    It may develop that the child who has been rebelling against authority will demonstrate considerable ability after June 12th, when benevolent Jupiter moves into your ninth house of higher education. This would be a great time to hire a tutor for your child, or enroll him or her in an arts school. You’ll notice an immediate improvement in your home life once this kid gets some specialized training and care.

    An unexpected moneymaking opportunity arrives on November 13th, when a Solar Eclipse energizes your second house of earned income. Use this economic boost to finance a family vacation. You and the kids will enjoy some time away from home, where roles are fixed and rules are rigid. Give yourselves a chance to know each other outside of your routine lives. You’ll be amazed how many hidden talents emerge once these barriers come down.

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