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  • Today's Date: 27 Sep 2016

  • Leo Today's Horoscope

    You're experiencing things today at a big, bold level. If your life were a painting, it would be one of vibrant colors and grand proportions. And that's a pretty good mirror for your own feelings today! Your passion is right at the surface. This might be romantic ardor, or it might be the zeal you feel for your work or for an important cause. Tap into this energy. It's your passport to greatness.

    Mood: mature

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    Leo Tomorrow's Horoscope (28 Sep 2016)

    A dramatic response to a problem that arises today probably isn't your best bet. Instead, go for the quiet, sensible solution -- no matter how much you might wish you could swoop in like a superhero to save the day. Even if your efforts aren't noticed, you can take pride in knowing that you were instrumental in smoothing over some mistake that could have really messed things up if it weren't for you.

    Mood: reliable

    Your Horoscope changes every day so be sure to check back again tomorrow to find out what's in store for you.

    Leo Yesterday's Horoscope (26 Sep 2016)

    Today is your day to shine. You're in command of your own power and brilliance. You can achieve just about anything, as long as you proceed with courage! Remember, though, that beneath that incredible self-confidence lies a vulnerable soul. You want others' approval and support. If you don't receive it, don't worry -- and don't take it personally. Keep working hard, and the kudos will come.

    Mood: powerful

    Your Horoscope changes every day so be sure to recap again tomorrow to see how accurate it was.

    Leo Your Monthly Horoscope for September 2016

    On the 1st, a Solar Eclipse could put you on the path of a high-paying job. This position could eat into your personal life, so be prepared. Be realistic about finances on the 2nd; it's best to be frugal under this trying influence. An exciting work assignment could be handed to you on the 6th, allowing you to improve your standard of living. Studying with a respected expert on the 7th may give you a new lease on life. Adventurous Jupiter moves into another sign on the 9th, possibly inspiring you to take a long trip. It could be hard to loosen up and be spontaneous on the 10th; try not to be a wet blanket. Don't ignore a nagging ache or pain on the 11th; it's important to get a medical consultation for a persistent problem. A child could attempt emotional blackmail on the 12th; don't fall for the bait. The 13th warns against taking emotional and financial risks. The Lunar Eclipse on the 16th could mark the end of an economic arrangement; strike out on your own. Venturing into unfamiliar territory isn't advised on the 18th; it's better to stick to what you know. A flirtatious conversation could make your eyes sparkle with excitement on the 19th. The 20th is ideal for applying for a grant, loan or scholarship. On the 21st, logical Mercury goes direct, making it easier to negotiate favorable financial terms. The Sun, your ruling planet, moves into a different sign on the 22nd, improving your communication skills. Luxurious Venus changes signs on the 23rd, prompting you to splurge on furniture and artwork. Persuasive Pluto goes direct on the 26th, making it easy to get your work agenda met. Energetic Mars moves into another sign on the 27th, prompting you to step up your fitness routine. The New Moon on the 30th is perfect for starting a writing project.

    Your Yearly Horoscope for 2016




    Leo Today's Financial Horoscope

    Is this the day when you finally see that solution for improving your financial picture? You certainly feel like a million dollars, even if it's not easily converted to a liquid asset. Move through your day radiating confidence. As you change the environment around you, you'll learn more about how this thing could work. Your financial keywords for today are: finally see, liquid asset

    Mood: learn more

    Your Financial Horoscope changes every day so be sure to check back again tomorrow to find out what's in store for you.

    Your Yearly Horoscope for 2012

    Overview: Taskmaster Saturn continues its residence in your 3rd House of Everyday Environment through early October. Better structuring your time as well as making connections with neighbors are priorities. It's also a period of better understanding what feeds your intellectual curiosity. On April 15th when your planetary ruler, the Sun, opposes Saturn the importance of what you've been learning becomes more evident. A Solar Eclipse on May 20th initiates a six-month period where you find fulfillment through a collective project. Figuring out how to stay true to yourself while interacting with a group is illuminated on the Lunar Eclipse on June 4th. On June 11th, lucky Jupiter begins its one-year voyage through your 11th House of Alliances. Friends serve as a great source for learning. They provide you with opportunities that expand your sense of what is possible in life. Your foundations are shaken on June 29th when the Sun opposes probing Pluto and squares erratic Uranus. Out-of-the-blue events make trigger awareness that it's important to let go of things to which you've been clinging. Release the old to make space for the new. Saturn moves into your 4th House of Foundations in October, kicking off a two-plus year period where taking stock of your past-and how it influenced you-is important. It's a time of identifying who and what provide you with true nurturance. Family dynamics will likely be a strong theme during this period. When the Sun unites with Saturn on October 25th, you see how your feelings can be an important compass to help you navigate life.

    Love and Romance: Beginning in February, the urge to have a meaningful and soul-satisfying relationship intensifies. Dreamy Neptune moves into your 8th House of Intimacy, where it will reside for 14 years, sparking a desire for deeper connections. While love is a many splendid thing it's important to not over-idealize your partner or the idea of a relationship at this time. Otherwise wistfulness, disappointment and self-sacrifice may become more constant companions. When Neptune unites with your planetary ruler, the Sun, on February 19th your longing to deeply merge with another intensifies. The beginning of June is a focused time for affairs of the heart. The Lunar Eclipse on June 4th stimulates a desire to spice up your romantic life. And when gracious Venus unites with the Sun on June 5th, it elevates the importance you perceive love and relationships to hold. Just keep your eyes wide open. Be really clear you are not projecting your hopes and wishes onto another person. Jupiter heads into your 11th House of Alliances on June 11th for a yearlong visit. During this time, friends may play a role in your romantic life. If you're single, a friendship could transform into something more. If you're already in a relationship, spending time with other couples inspires learning and a greater connection with your partner. After Saturn moves into your 4th House of Foundations in October, you find yourself more aware of your deep feelings. This can shed additional light on what you need to make a relationship feel more fulfilling.

    Career And Money: Generous Jupiter continues to illuminate your 10th House of Public Recognition. Through early June, opportunities arise that help you shine at work. It may very well be a time for that lucky career break you've been waiting for. All the while, powerful Pluto continues to transform your approach to work. You're learning important long-term lessons about how to most efficiently get the job done. When Pluto squares electric Uranus on June 24th and September 19th, tensions could mount around the office. Let go of beliefs and attitudes that hold you back from really excelling. On November 27th, assertive Mars joins Pluto in your 6th House of Work. You've got the determination to see a project to completion. As for finances, beginning in February, be especially careful when it comes to joint investments. That's when imaginative Neptune will enter Pisces and your 8th House of Shared Resources. It will cast its hue on this area for the next 14 years. During this long-term period boundaries related to who owns or controls what may blur. Money may also seem to have an almost magical quality. Yet, be especially cautious about getting involved in deals that seem too good to be true-they very well may be. Be especially diligent when making financial decisions January 23rd through April 13th when Mars is retrograde in your 2nd House of Finances. Watch your wallet and your bank balance on August 24th. The Sun opposes Neptune and there's a chance that money may be lost or found.

    Your Parenting Horoscope for 2012

    In Short: More time for family becomes available after expansive Jupiter leaves your career sector in mid-June.

    Parenting: Work will prove very demanding during the first six months of the year, when bountiful Jupiter tours your tenth house of career. Although the work opportunities ahead are exciting, they shouldn’t take precedence over family time. Be sure to attend as many parties, recitals, games, and plays as you can, or you’ll send the wrong message to your kids. It’s vital to clear your calendar of work commitments on and around June 4th, when you’ll be expected to attend a big celebration for a child. You may not realize it, but your presence means a lot to your kid.

    Once October 6th arrives, you’ll be spending lots more time at home, thanks to responsible Saturn’s entry into your fourth house of domesticity. It may be necessary to take care of a child with special needs. Working from home will be a distinct possibility, as is home-schooling your child. Although the adjustment will be difficult at first, you’ll come to enjoy this new arrangement. The sacrifices you make in the last three months of the year will have a lifelong impact on your children.

    A Solar Eclipse on November 13th will prompt you to add a new room to your house, perhaps for a play area, classroom, or home office. Be sure to create lots of storage space in this area, as you’ll want to stow away toys, learning materials, or office supplies when they’re not in use. The more organized your home, the easier it will be to accommodate your family’s changing needs.

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