Tween Hygine

Many tweens are totally clueless when it comes to understanding the necessary changes needed in their daily routines as their bodies change.

Puberty causes all types of changes to their bodies. Their skin and hair may get greasy very fast, they are starting to sweat and smell in places where they never did before and the worst part? They may not even notice!

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So, as parents, it’s down to us to explain these things and teach them how to look after themselves properly. Finding material which explains about hygiene, that is age appropriate will help. Magazines and pamphlets work better than books as books are perceived as work.

Eating a healthy diet can play a big part in the amount of grease present on their skin/hair. Washing faces and hair every day with the correct products (for oily skin/hair), however, will help to control the amount of oil on their body and showering and using a deodorant daily will stop the smells. Encourage them to take deodorant into school so it can be used after exercise too.
Educate your child about why spots should not be squeezed. If acne is unresponsive to over the counter medication, visit your GP or dermatologist as acne can have a significant affect on a tween’s confidence and quality of life.

Encourage your tween to get changed after school every day, including their socks! This will allow sweat to evaporate from their shoes and help keep their feet smelling fresh.
If your children have no interest in their personal hygiene, now’s a good time to take them shopping and to get them to choose the products they would like. If they choose them themselves, they are more likely to use them. You can also encourage them to make these purchases themselves and therefore they are more likely to appreciate the financial cost too. You can teach them that expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. That’s a lesson to start young!
Also explaining to them that the time they use for cleaning themselves can also be used for relaxing may help. Personal space is important to teens and to use time for this purpose may also encourage them to become enthusiastic about personal hygiene.

We all know that dirty clothes both look and smell horrible. There’s nothing worse than smelling a teenager before they enter a room! They need to understand that wearing their underwear for more than one day at a time or wearing clothes which are dirty really isn’t a good thing to do!
Teach them to have pride in their appearance and help them understand that by taking themselves seriously, other people will too.

What tricks do you have to get your tween in the shower? What is your tween’s hygiene habits like?