Teen Sleep

Teenagers’ sleep needs are usually around 9 hours a day.

It’s actually very hard for most teenagers to get this much sleep.  This is due to having to get up early for school, not being able to fall asleep easily and staying up late studying and socialising. It may be necessary for parents to adjust their child’s schedule to allow for more sleep.  Many teenagers suffer from chronic sleep deprivation and as a result will attempt to “catch up” by sleeping late on days off.  Ideally, it’s considered important to go to bed and wake at the same time each day.

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Sleep deprivation is a big problem when it comes to teenagers.  It can make learning very hard by impairing memory and inhibiting creativity.  Teenagers find it hard to control their emotions and deal with stress at the best of times and a sleep deprived teenager may find it almost impossible.  Lack of self confidence, mood swings and irritability, while normal for teenagers, are also made worse by sleep deprivation. Depression in teenagers is more prevalent for those who suffer a severe lack of sleep.  Teenagers have vulnerable immune systems and lack of sleep can also make them more susceptible to serious illnesses.

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Do you battle to get your teen into bed? What are your hints and tips?