3 Month Old

A three-month old baby will usually sleep between 13 to 15 hours a day.  Babies of this age tend to be awake more during the day, with a total sleep time of approximately five hours during the day and the rest at night.  It is still normal for a child of this age to wake a few times in the night.

While feeding or changing a baby at night, remember to do so without stimulating them; When baby wakes, try to encourage him to sleep longer.  Stroking him gently on his back lets him know you are there, but you can safely let go a couple of minutes before reacting further.  If you respond then do it quietly, quickly and without turning on lights.  Do not talk or play with the child.  The child will learn that night time is for sleep and is not very exciting.  It is daytime talking, playing and having fun which will appeal more.

From 3-4 months the child may begin to understand the difference between night and day.  It can be frustrating when the baby will not sleep at the right time, and therefore it may help to start introducing some routines.  It’s down to each parent to teach their child how it works.

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Source: netdoktor.dk

What is your bedtime routine? How easy is it to settle your baby to sleep? Any “been there, done that’s” out there who can offer advice for those mums who are struggling?