Creating beautiful curls

From loose, bouncy, luxurious curls and romantic updos, to tight ponytails with endless styles and sleek stylistic buns, the new hair collection for Winter 2011/12 is a whole new level of hair design straight off the catwalk for the modern day woman. Some of these designs can be recreated easily within minutes with the help of new, innovative styling tools; perfect for full time mothers who don’t have endless hours to spend in salons and spas perfecting their look.

Today we will recreate luxurious, catwalk curls. Professional salons would use many different tools to create this look, from Velcro rollers to heated rollers, GHD’s and other Multi Stylers. Today, I will tell you how to create this look yourself using just a pair of curling tongs and some sectioning clips in this step by step, do it yourself guide.

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Creating beautiful curls

To create this look you will need the following items to hand but don’t worry if you don’t have all of them; there is always an alternative.

  • Hairdryer/heated tongs
  • Sectioning clips
  • Cushion hair brush (Or if don’t have one, a normal hair brush is fine)
  • Hair spray (Ultra firm hold)
  • Hair wax (Only use for more texture is you require)

Step 1: Start by shampooing and conditioning your hair with your chosen products to suit your hair type. Towel dry the hair and then blow dry it until it is completely dry. Brush the hair, removing knots and smoothing the hair. Make sure you can run your fingers through your hair without pulling.

Step 2: Clip your hair into sections. Release one section at a time. If your hair is fine and doesn’t hold well then spray each section with a firm hold hairspray. Keep using the hairspray throughout as curls can drop out easily if your hair is very fine.

Step 3: Beginning with the bottom section, working your way up to the top, split the section into smaller parts with your hands if you require small spiral curls or use the entire large section if you prefer loose curls. Remember to spray each section of hair with hairspray before placing it into the tongs and brush through each section to ensure a smooth curl.

Step 4: There are many different barrel sizes which fit on to the tongs to give the perfect curl. I prefer to use a medium to large sized barrel, as this will produce a more luscious, bouncy curl but if you are looking for a smaller, tighter spiral effect you can use smaller barrel sizes to achieve this and there are plenty available.

Step 5: Open the curling iron. Place your section of hair between the tongs and close them. Pull the tongs to the very end of the section, making sure not to leave the ends of the hair out. Don’t worry if some strands drop out of the section at this point as they can always be added to the next one. Roll the barrel half the way to the top of the section and then place a comb at the top, against your scalp to protect from burning. Continue rolling the barrel to the top and hold for approximately 10 seconds. Open the curling iron and gently pull away from the hair, letting it fall as it releases from the barrel. Continue this step with each section of hair until your reach the very top, remembering to spray the sections with hairspray. You can never use enough.

Step 6: Shake out the curls by flipping your hair and styling with your hands. Some women may wish to use a small amount of styling wax on their fingers and scrunch the curls to give them a bouncier look. Don’t be afraid to play with different styles to find the one that suits you and always try new products to find the right one for you.

Step 7: Finally, spray the finished hair with a strong hold hairspray to add shine and enjoy your new look.

This style should take on average between 30-45 minutes depending on your hair style, length and technique.

Gareth will be writing more step by step guides to hairstyling, so check back for more up to the minute styles which you can create in your home!

You can email gareth at: [email protected]

What styles have you ever wanted to create without the Salon price Tag?