Charms made with your special person's hand/foot or fingerprint

We are sure you’re sitting there reading this thinking “What are they talking about. A memory can’t be silver!”, but we say “yes it can!”

Every stage of our children’s development is a milestone. One that is celebrated at every turn. From that first laugh, to the first time they walk, or talk, whatever it is is a celebration.

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While all this is happening, their short stumpy kissable fingers and their tubby ticklish feet grow and before we know it, they have “gown up” hands and “grown up” feet. We can help you freeze time, freeze the memory for a lifetime.

While we specialise in hands, feet and fingerprints, we can also do practically anything that we can either get an imprint from or an impression of. So whether it’s a drawing, or the first time your child wrote their own name, we can transfer it to a 99.9% pure silver charm which can last forever.

Right now, at they are doing two big things. Firstly, if you “like” their facebook page, they are offering someone who has liked them a chance of winning a charm to the value of £50, and secondly, as a mother’s day special, they are giving 20% off all orders up until the 10th March 2013 if you use the code MUM13 on checkout.

So if you have some precious fingers, feet, hands or something else you would like to transfer into a pure silver piece of keepsake jewellery, why not visit their website or email them at [email protected] where we are sure they would be happy to help!

Happy mother’s day!