Autumn/Winter Fashion

Fashions don’t change dramatically from season to season, so what you wore last year, could see you through another winter. The key to keeping your look fresh and exciting is not an entire wardrobe revamp, but updating a few of the styles and shapes.

So what are the items which will give you the biggest payoff this season?

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Blouses. A blouse is great to wear in the office, for casual wear or even that great night out. They’ve been gone from the shops for years but are now back in fashion. Highly versatile, you can dress them up or down for that perfect look.


  1. Feels fresh as they have been gone for so long
  2. The look is fitted but not figure hugging
  3. Not too hot
  4. Can dress it up and down as needed
  5. You can wear it in or out depending on what you’re wearing.


  1. If you have a big bust, the buttons across the chest may be a challenge
  2. They may need ironing!
  3. Due to the nature of the material, you need to be careful what bra you wear under it.
  4. If you’re going to wear a blouse “right” this season, you need to tuck it back in too!

The dress. Dresses have been slowly filtering back into fashion over the last few years however this season, there is the biggest selection yet. From Primark to Prada, you can get a dress in every shape, colour and size. A dress is a must have item for your wardrobe this year.


  1. From grunge to evening wear, you can get a dress that is right for anything
  2. It’s only one garment to worry about
  3. Worn either as a dress or long top, many dresses give you the versatility to change your look in an instant
  4. Will add a touch of femininity to any wardrobe
  5. A good fitting dress can give an unbroken line through the silhouette which, in turn, will make you feel and look slimmer


  1. Can be chilly on the legs!
  2. Trying to find the right fit dress can be a killer. Persist, it’s worth it!
  3. Balancing the outfit to make it work with all the accessories. Cardigans, jackets, belts, shoes, jewellery etc. It can feel like a maze
  4. Make sure you get a dress which fits your lifestyle or it could become a one event/season wonder

Leggings, jeggins and treggins. All of these are close fitting skinny trousers, perfect under dresses and long tops and great to wear with this seasons boots, booties and high heels. What’s the difference? Leggins are a thin material which are more likely to show your lumps and bumps if you have them but great with thinner dresses and long tops. Ideal for autumn, before the weather really changes. Jeggins tend to look like skinny jeans and are much easier to fit than the traditional skinny jeans which may not fit your individual shape as perfectly. However, the thinness of the fabric won’t be as forgiving as denim and may show wobble, lumps and cellulite through them if not careful and darker colours are the safer option. Treggins give you all the benefits of both leggings and jeggins but in a thicker fabric, making you feel less exposed.

Skinny, fit or flare? What type of trouser you wear will depend on your shape and the look you’re trying to achieve. While the skinny look is definitely “in” and long tops must be worn with them (no camel toe on show!), flairs or fitted trousers are equally cool. The key to all of these trouser shapes is balance. To get this seasons look, if you choose to wear a flared trouser, you will ideally need to come in at the waist. If you are wearing bootleg, a more fitted top may be better. Whatever you choose to do, you need to “come in” somewhere.

Waistbands. Hipsters have been the height of fashion for years, however, this season you have a choice. High-waisted, mid-waisted and hipsters are all available in the shops this year.

High-waist pros:

  1. Great for tucking in tops and blouson-ing out
  2. Banishes muffin tops (the fleshy bit that falls over the hipster)
  3. Some people find them much more comfortable as they sit in the waist


  1. Difficult to fit if you have a big difference between your hip size and waist
  2. Tummy is likely to stick out
  3. Can make bottoms look huge

Hipster pros:

  1. Most people are familiar with these and find them comfortable
  2. Great for the larger tummy as it can sit below it
  3. Minimises bottom size visually and gives a more sexy look


  1. Bottoms can show when you bend over
  2. If your top and trousers separate, it can be very cold!
  3. Gravity may not be your friend so a good belt could be essential

Mid-waist trousers gives you a look that meets somewhere in the middle of the two above. If you would rather not go for either extremes, then this look could be for you. For the woman with the larger bottom, but maybe also the larger tummy, the midway look may suit you perfectly. For someone who’s simply not used to high waists but likes the look of them, this could be a good transitional stage. Whatever your choice, there really is a waistband for everyone.

Shoes. As always, shoes are the key factor which either date, or update your look. For comfort and practicality, wedges are a must and they are available on the high street in boots and shoes. Boots this season are all about the extreme and therefore they need to come to the knee or sit around the ankle. Where heals are concerned, you have a choice. The platform is still going strong, however, going forward the style to bag is the pointed toe stiletto, especially in a colour.

And finally, your bit of seasonal fun is a bit of fluff! Whether it’s a touch of sheepskin or fur on your handbag, top of your boots or around the trim of your clothes, everyone’s doing it this year!

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What are you loving and hating about this seasons fashions?