The yummy mummy exists. She is a real living and breathing woman that is working with what Mother Nature gave her, even post pregnancy. However, the cleverest mums know that being a yummy takes plenty of work and a good deal of cheating. There’s a whole range of contouring underwear, swimwear and even outerwear that helps shape, enhance and slim even the most stubborn of post-pregnancy physiques. From Kim Kardashian’s favourites, Spanx to the trusty Wonderbra and Miraclesuit underwear and swimwear now comes ready for action. It will uplift, contour, fill out, conceal and reshape until you have the perfect body. It’s your body, just with a little extra help.

Yummy mummy swimwear

After going through nine months of pregnancy and childbirth, you are in need of a treat and you want to look and feel sexy and feminine again. With summer just around the corner there’s no time to get bikini ready on your own, but you don’t need to worry. Next has a range of swimming costumesthat can work mini miracles. Here are three of the best.

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Miraclesuit can make you look ‘10lbs lighter in 10 seconds’. Hailing from the US, this magical swimming costumes are super stylish and sassy, and shape you into a goddess as if Michelangelo crafted you out of marble himself. Our favourite is the Jo Halterneck, £149. It boasts halter-neck straps, ruched detailing padded cups, contouring and a deep midnight blue colour that will enhance a golden tan. This may be a pricy swimming costume, but it does work miracles.

yummy mummy swimwear



The Black Shape Enhancing Swimsuit from Next is more affordable at £24. It has halter-neck straps, shaped bust with padding, low-rise legs and contoured mid section to flatten tummies and lovehandles. It comes in black, which we all know is about as flattering a colour as them come thanks to its amazing slimming ‘properties’, but it also oozes sexuality too. Altogether this results in yummy mumminess.

Yummy mummy swimwear






Get feisty and wild in the Animal Print Swimsuit, £25. Again this has a flattering halter-neckline and padded and shaped bust. There is no contouring or shaping, but the all over pattern offers a slimming effect, aided by a little bit of ruching.