We’d like to welcome Debbie back for her look at this autumn and winter’s fashions.

Debbie tells us that last year’s article is still very relevant and there are no changes to that, however let’s look at what else is out there as we go into the 2012/2013 season.

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The trends on the high street are reminiscent of the late 80′s early 90′s. These are some of the additional items you’re likely to see about.


Whether it’s for a trim of a collar or a full blown leather trousers and jacket look, real or pvc, the leather look is back with a vengeance! Our advice to you would be to take a view before acting on this trend. Wearing just a skirt or just a jacket may be the piece which gives you the edge but remains age appropriate. Combine this with the “fluff and fur” from last year and you’ve got a whole new updated look for this season.

Chunky knitwear

There is no mistaking that these are fun, relaxed, cuddly and warm however they are fraught with danger – be careful how you wear them! The oversize square shapes can be very forgiving to the figure especially when teamed with skinny bottoms (for example leggings with boots or a straight skirt and opaque tights) but while the waist and hip length chunky knits are fabulous on a slimmer figure, be aware that they will add bulk.

Polo necks and turtlenecks

While we’ve seen these around most years, this year they appear to be making a more formal comeback. With many more styles, shapes and colours available.


Patterns are infiltrating everywhere at the moment and this is a trend that is set to stay with us until at least next summer. Whether it is graphic animal or baroque prints the same advice applies as to the leather. A touch will update, but leave the top to toe to the fashion die hards!

The high street is awash with every variation of berry and plumb, electric blue, greens (and these vary from forest to almond), oranges and reds. Team them with neutrals and it will update and give a new lease of life to your existing wardrobe.

And finally…

Heel alert!!!!

In addition to towering heels, flat pumps and brogues, the mid heel has returned to the high street!

What are you doing to look trendy in the streets this winter?

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What are you loving and hating about this seasons fashions?