Bagging a bargain

The word “bargain” takes on different meanings depending on whom you talk to and in what context it’s used.

Here we will look at various types of bargains and how you find them.

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The first type of bargain we will talk about are seasonal high street Sales usually in July and January. Obviously when shopping during these , you will be able to pick up some great items, but when you do this, how much further can you push it?

When shopping during these , let’s first look at the big chains. If you find something you like, the chances are, the Sale price will be the price you will have to pay, unless it’s faulty. If you find a fault on it, then of course it’s worth asking for further discounts if you feel you can rectify the problems. However, if you don’t have the skills to do this, or know someone else who has, then don’t even try as it will end up as a complete waste of money!

Independent retailers work slightly differently, the term “If you don’t ask, you don’t get” is incredibly true! They often have flexible margins which you can and should haggle with. Try to keep it real, however a further 15-20% discount is certainly a real possibility.

Remember that during the first few days of the Sales you’re unlikely to get much movement on price, however, towards the end, when they are looking at getting rid of the last items, you have far more leeway to get the price you want.

Year round there are Sale bargains to be had. These include discount villages and websites. Flash Sale websites where they only have items on Sale for a limited period, often offer the best bargains. Keep an eye open for these, and sign up to their emails/newsletters so you don’t miss out.

Also learn how these things work as each one is different. An example of this would be when Lulu Guinness partners with to sell her handbags. You need to be poised and hovering over the buy button at exactly 12pm. If you get there at 12:15, you are guaranteed that everything has gone!

To find these places it’s worth web searching for your nearest shopping village. Whilst we won’t do all your research for you, some great designer websites to check out would be,, and

Finally another I would recommend is This site works differently than the others. You would register your information, your size and the makes you like and then they do much of the searching for you and then email you with what offers they have found with your preferences. You can decide how often they mail you too.

Buying in bulk is also a good way to get a bargain. If you have a lot of money to spend all in one place, you can always ask for a discount although unless it’s a substantial amount of money, don’t expect anything. Also, consider shopping with friends, your combined purchases, could also be a cause for negotiation under this “bulk buy” principle.

Finally remember, no matter how fabulous a bargain is, if it never gets worn or used, it was never a bargain.

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What bargains have you nabbed recently?