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by Helen Adams
Children's Horoscopes
  • Today's Date: 27 Jun 2017

  • Thank you for visiting our children’s horoscope pages.

    This area of the site is completely unique in the UK and can only be found here on I’ve Got Kids!

    We have Unique Children’s horoscopes for each sign! So for example, if your child’s sign is Cancer, it may say something like “Your little crab needs a little extra TLC this month”, and you’ll know to give them those few extra hugs that month!

    This should be a fun part of the site and one which all parents will enjoy.

    So get a little insight into what your little ones need as we update you with a new reading every month by our specialist astrologer Helen Adams. You can read more about Helen below or dive right in and start reading your children’s horoscopes for this month by choosing their sign.

    Choose your child's sign below.

    About Helen Adams
    Helen Adams is an astrologer and freelance writer living in the UK. She has written many celebrity and other astrology articles and regular astrology columns, as well as writing about alternative health and spirituality for newspapers, magazines and websites. She has a particular interest in dreams and dreaming. She writes a regular dream interpretation column, and has co-authored a book entitled ‘Your Dreams & Your Stars’. She lives in South Wales by the sea.

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