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If you look at my website ‘Beautiful Things‘ you might be fooled into thinking I am a slick, professional craftsperson with a shop and a proper studio. Well you would be wrong! I am one of the growing number of Mumpreneurs who have set up a business from home to fit in around their children.

Nobody says it’s easy and although many of us have flown by the seat of their pants and found themselves top sellers on Etsy and other famous craft selling sites, there are plenty like me who are still just finding their feet. I have to say that I certainly don’t have any tips for being a super star seller as I certainly don’t class myself as one of those, but there are certainly things you can do that will make your business life and mummy duties sit side by side.

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work at home son?

As you can see from the pictures dotted through this post, I work around my kids. Although I have a work room (shed) at the end of the garden, my now 8 month old baby is a little more needy than she was in those earlier days when she simply slept in her bouncy chair whilst I worked. I have had no choice but to bring my work indoors with me. Sewing on the couch whilst she plays on her mat, catching up on my admin whilst my 4 year old sits at the table amidst sewing machines and eats his tea!

work at home daughter?

Way back when Little Mack was only a month or so old he slept in his bassinet underneath my stall at craft fairs, coming out for the odd change and a feed. When Little Miss Mack was born nothing changed and at just 4 days old they were both at the local market with me helping me on the stall.

room for one more

Up until recently when she has become a bit more needy, I have taken her along to events with me, having to place NOT FOR SALE signs on her seat to stop people asking. I swear I’d be richer if I had a pound for everyone who asked me how much she was!

My office is a corner of the couch which looks something of a mess, but it suits me. I can watch my kids, read them stories, help them eat my tea and somehow bring in some pennies at the same time. If you follow me on Twitter @clairemackaness you will see that I am often tweeting about my creations and at the same time watching Thomas the Tank Engine on telly!

craft in a corner

With time and as Little Miss Mack gets older I hope to take advantage of a spot of childcare whilst Little Mack is at school and step things up a bit, but for the time being, this mummy remains a Stay at Home Crafter! I’d love to hear your top tips for making it work with children around and see the kind of spaces you work from. If your a Stay at Home Crafter making a living for yourself from your talents then please share your website and blog links below in the comments and I’ll try and pop along for a visit.

Claire would love to share your top tips in a future blog post too, so feel free to tell us how you manage day to day by clicking “discuss this topic” below.

Source: With thanks to Claire Mackaness