A child is not an adult at 12 years of age

Since when are children considered adults at the age of 12? Who made this decision and what basis was it made on?

Are you wondering what the heck we’re talking about?

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We’ve been looking at short breaks for the new year, summer holidays etc and we’ve discovered that our 12 year old twins are now adults. Excuse me????

This is simply ridiculous.

During my research, I found the following were all offenders:

Merlin (the people behind Chessington, Legoland, Thorpe Park, Alton Towers etc)
Many restaurants (all you can eat)
Most airlines
Many hotels

The following quote particularly made us laugh while looking at an airline terms and conditions:

Ages: 12-64

Ages: 2-11

Note: At least one adult or senior must accompany all minors in order to book with us. We cannot book a ticket for anyone 14 or younger who is traveling alone.

We can’t imagine that these companies would allow 12 year old’s on their board of directors? Or that they would let them into their bars and clubs, or fly their aeroplanes, so what on earth do they believe qualifies these children as adults?

This has to be one of the least subtle money making schemes to ever exist, however until such time when the government decide to give 12 year olds the vote and the right to buy alcohol along with all other adult responsibilities, we will strongly object to paying adult rates for our children.

We’re considering starting an e-petition with the government. But before we do it, we’d like to get your input and help. We are not experts when it comes to things like this and think that a joint effort with as many knowledgeable people as possible will give it its best chance of someone listening.

These are the things we think needs to be said:

  1. The definition of “child” should be standardised by the government and not subject to interpretation.
  2. Companies should not be allowed to change it for profit or to suit them.
  3. Clear definitions of ages, defined and upheld by the government should be made. eg: infants 0-2. children 3-16. youth 16-18. adult 18+.

Please feel free to comment, put some wording together which we can then discuss, or simply have your say. Also, if you know which department of the government this should be highlighted to, please let us know.

It’s about time that we as parents stood up to these money making schemes and said “NO” and that’s what we, at ivegotkids.com plan to do. You can help us right now by clicking the “Discuss this topic” link below now and sharing this article on social networks. Let’s get this party started!

So who’s with us?!