Family values being compromised

Do we really need to be taught by professionals how to parent our children?

You don’t have to go back that far, in the year 1900 the extended family was the norm. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles all living and working together to raise their families. In a world where travelling is easy, and distance not so scary, many people no longer live in such close proximity to those they may have at one time turned to for help.

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When I launched I’ve got kids, it was with the idea that we could be an extended family and help each other. I wanted to create an environment where we could lean on each other to try to offer the missing support to everyone who needed it, or simply wanted it. Parent to parent. Mother to mother. Father to father. As much like a real family as possible.

Today, the government launched a new initiative a “New parenting email service will ‘answer all questions” with a view to offering advice on things like changing nappies, breastfeeding and “baby talk.”

I have to ask why this is needed? In an economic climate where everyone (including the government) is looking to save money where they can, and new businesses are struggling every day, why didn’t the government simply look around and see what was already out there and help support growing businesses like ours instead of launching a services that could effectively become direct competition?

A few years ago I attended a parenting course. At the end of the course I was informed that only “good parents” attend courses like these as they want what’s best for their child/ren.

So I have to ask, this 3.4 million pounds that they have put into this incentive, could it not have been used in a better way? Maybe to support existing sites like ours, trying to help parents too?

Source: New parenting email service will ‘answer all questions’