While many of us sit cosily at home with our families, there are many children in “the system” that would give anything to be home, cosy with theirs.

According to adoption UK, there were more than 65,500 children of all ages in care of their local authorities on 31st March 2011; at any one time more than 4,000 of them are looking to be adopted.

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In his party conference David Cameron stated that he wanted to see it made easier for people to adopt. Where in the past placements were dependent on many things including sexuality and ethnicity, going forward he wanted to place the emphasis on giving a child a loving home.

This meant making it easier for same sex couples and allowing more interracial adoptions. It would seem, however, that not everyone got the memo. Last year, only 2% of children were adopted by same sex couples and as if that wasn’t enough, this week, Children’s Minister Tim Loughton said that making an ethnic match between an adopted child and its new parents is ‘desirable’ after all.

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It would seem that the government would rather see a child stay in care than be homed in a loving environment that doesn’t quite “match”. What are your thoughts on this?