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  • Today's Date: 27 Jun 2017

  • Cancer Today's Horoscope

    Traditional creative methods appeal to you. You like knowing there's a history behind what you're doing, whether it's baking a time-honored recipe or creating a work of art. This is a good day for learning a new artistic technique or trying your hand at a new type of cuisine. If taking some classes or purchasing supplies is in order, don't be afraid to splurge. Check your budget, see what you can afford, and then have fun bringing something new into the world.

    Mood: hospitable

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    Cancer Tomorrow's Horoscope (28 Jun 2017)

    Taking a careful, logical approach to your duties today brings you a sense of inner security. And this should be easy to do. Focus is readily available, if you simply tap into it. You're able to set emotional concerns aside and concentrate on the basics. What needs to be done, and how are you going to do it? Best of all, your calmness and thoroughness are sure to satisfy even a nitpicky employer or client.

    Mood: admiring

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    Cancer Yesterday's Horoscope (26 Jun 2017)

    Keep your head down and your nose to the grindstone today. Even if you're certain you're on the right track, this is no time to prematurely brag about your progress. The truth is, you aren't there yet -- but with a little more effort, you will be. If you're working with a budget, be sure to stick to it. That'll impress higher-ups once this thing is in the bag, and it's time for your review.

    Mood: kind

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    Cancer Your Monthly Horoscope for June 2017

    Outgoing Mars enters your sign on the 4th, making you more determined than ever to get what you desire. Whether you launch a fitness program, compete for a prize or pursue a cherished dream is immaterial. The important thing is to summon your courage and work for what you want. People and situations that would ordinarily intimidate you probably won't frighten you at all during the month of June. On the 6th, charming Venus enters your Social Sector, prompting you to attend as many parties and get-togethers as possible. On the same day, communicative Mercury moves into your Secrecy Sector, warning against sharing confidential information with those who are not supposed to hear it. The Full Moon on the 9th may bring the end of a demanding work assignment. Alternatively, you could conclude a therapeutic program designed to put you on the path to health and wellness. You'll breathe a sigh of relief at this pivotal time. Benevolent Jupiter moves forward in your Domestic Sector on the same day, lifting your spirits and making it easier to deal with family matters. The charismatic Sun moves into your sign on the 20th, emphasizing your star power. You'll have the edge over the competition during the second half of June, so be sure to assert your desires. The harder you push, the easier it will be to get what you want. The New Moon on the 23rd could mark a fresh start for you. Whether you undergo a cosmetic procedure, go on a first date or begin a fascinating job is immaterial. The important thing is to know that any new ventures around this date should bring great happiness.

    Your Yearly Horoscope for 2017




    Cancer Today's Financial Horoscope

    Passive strategies might work better today. Consider a combination rather than a wide spread of assets so that you're only tracking one set of numbers. Trust the movers and shakers to keep everyone's interests at heart. Even if you're not in on all the decisions, watch what goes on. You'll be that much readier whenever it's your turn to make the calls. Your financial keywords for today are: passive, combination

    Mood: trust

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    Your Yearly Horoscope for 2012

    Overview: Taskmaster Saturn continues its travels through your 4th House of Foundations, urging you to look at family dynamics and how they shape your viewpoints. The last two years have been a time of getting in touch with your feelings and better understanding what nurtures you. While connecting to deep emotions is hard work, you'll see how it has incredible value. Come October you'll be rewarded with a more solid base of strength from which you can steer your life moving forward. The Solar Eclipse on May 20th signals the beginning of a six-month period where your dreams and imaginative thinking inspire great wisdom. Expansive Jupiter lights up your 11th House of Alliances through mid-June and friendships provide great opportunities for learning. Have you wanted to get more involved in your community? The first part of the year is an especially good time to do so. When Jupiter enters your 12th House of Solitude on June 11th for a yearlong stay, you find quiet activities and alone time to be especially enriching. Committing to a meditation practice-even if it's just for five minutes a day-will bring you great benefit. Your health and well-being are top of mind on the Lunar Eclipse on November 28th. If you're feeling less than vital, look into ways that stress and mental tension deplete your physical energy. Release self-deprecating attitudes and adopt new self-care initiatives that will have you feeling great in your body, mind and spirit.

    Love and Romance: Powerful Pluto continues to transform your love life. Taking up long-term residence in your 7th House of Partnership, it's galvanizing a new definition of what you need in a relationship. If you are single, you're less interested in superficialities and more focused on a real meeting of hearts and minds. If you are coupled, this period signals a deepening of your connection or an end to a relationship that doesn't truly serve you. In February, dreamy Neptune ends its 14-year trip through your 8th House of Intimacy. It's been a time of heart-opening compassion and potentially blurred boundaries. Your visions for relationships should become clearer over the next two-plus years. Beginning in October serious Saturn moves into your 5th House of Romance. This period shows you the value of being realistic when it comes to love. It's also a time where you see how being authentic in expressing yourself can pay off in spades. The November 13th Solar Eclipses lights up your love life. A chance encounter could have you meeting a new mate. If you already have a significant other, it's a time to begin a fresh phase in your relationship. It also ushers in a six- month period of infusing your life with more playfulness. Assertive Mars travels through your relationship sector from November 16th through December 25th. You'll have the stamina to work through the kinks in a relationship. Infusing it with more passion may help to take it to the next level.

    Career And Money: Electric Uranus continues to revolutionize your career path. How you want to spend your proverbial 9-to-5 may seem a lot different now than it did a year or two ago. While sudden shifts in direction may feel unsettling, have faith - - you're in a process of reinventing yourself. The Lunar Eclipse on June 4th illuminates the negative impacts that self-doubt has on your performance at work. Let go of those undermining messages and have the confidence that you can excel. Powerful Pluto squaring Uranus on June 24th and September 19th unearths power dynamics at the workplace. Forging new relationships with colleagues may be key for galvanizing future career opportunities. From November 6th through the 14th, reconsider the approach you've taken with a work project. See if there is a way to tweak it to communicate your message. The Lunar Eclipse on November 28th helps you clarify how to work smarter. If you're feeling energetically drained, the solution may lie in making slight shifts in your routines. For the past 14 years while dreamy Neptune swam in your 8th House of Togetherness, boundaries around shared resources became blurry. As it leaves this sector in February, you gain a greater clarity about how to process with joint investments. Hold off making important financial decisions July 14th through August 8th. This is when messenger Mercury will be retrograde in your 2nd House of Resources. It's a better time to re-evaluate your current fiscal plan than to set a new one in motion.

    Your Parenting Horoscope for 2012

    In Short: Family responsibilities force you to accept your limitations between January and October. Try to adopt a looser approach to parenting during this time.

    Parenting: Household responsibilities will demand the lion’s share of attention between January and October 5th, when serious Saturn tours your fourth house of domesticity. During that time, you may be entrusted with the care of a needy child or parent. Alternately, it might seem as though your home is too small to accommodate your family. If you stay patient and focused, you will emerge from this trying period a better parent.

    Know your limitations and accept the things you cannot control. There’s a good chance that one or all of your children will have very different needs than you. So long as you’re willing to give them the tools they need to thrive, you’ll be able to weather these differences and emerge a stronger family. Saturn will move into powerful Scorpio on October 6th, taking the pressure off your home life. It will be much easier to find a spacious home after this momentous day. You’ll also take much more pleasure from parenting, since worries about a troubled child will dissipate.

    It looks as though your kid will get a new teacher or school program that is much more suited to their creative abilities. News of a surprise pregnancy could arrive on or around November 13th, when a Solar Eclipse sends a jolt of energy through your fifth house of fertility. If you don’t want to have a child, be extra cautious during this unpredictable period. On the plus side, any kid that makes their way into your life during this period will bring great happiness.

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