I’ve Got Kids is delighted to introduce you all to Sarah, our resident photography expert.  Based near Nottingham, U.K, she is a Mum to two amazing boys, Joshua and Daniel. Sarah is relatively new to photography, however she has the most incredible eye when it comes to taking photo’s.  To get an idea of how talented she is, we would urge you to visit her portfolio. Here at IGKs we have honestly never come across anyone with as much talent for capturing that special moment in time.

It wasn’t until a month after Daniel was born in October 2008 that she picked up her “point and shoot” camera and used it in manual for the first time! This gave her the bug and her very patient children became her test subjects!

She specialises in creating custom portraits for her clients.  On her website she describes it as “a piece of art made from your life, a wonderful memory which you can relive through your photographs” and in our opinion, this really is no understatement.

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She went on to say “To me nothing is more amazing than to capture your family as they truly are, to freeze time and create that perfect gift,…… your newborn’s sleepy smile …. your baby’s fascination with their fingers and toes…. the mischievieous look in your toddler’s eyes and they throw the props at me!”

Not only has Sarah provided many of the photos used in the articles on I’ve Got Kids, she will also be working with us to help you with hints and tips regarding what to expect at a photoshoot and how to take your own photos and get the best possible results.  Her first article which tells you all about what to expect from a newborn photoshoot, can be found here.

We’d like to welcome Sarah to the team and thank her for offering her time to help all of us!

Source: Sarah Wilkes Photography or you can email Sarah at: [email protected]