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Planetary Overview
  • Today's Date: 30 Apr 2017

  • Daily Planetary Overview Daily Planetary Overview: Today

    As Saturn squares Chiron, old wounds may be re-opened today. It follows that emotions will be running high, but remember that you have a choice over how you respond to provocation. For some, it makes sense to stand and fight, but the mutable signs - that's Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces - may be better advised to walk away. This is not a fight you necessarily have to win right now. Looking ahead, a tense Moon-Mars square on Thursday will need careful handling. Have a stock of happy, cheerful responses ready, to help defuse any conflict. If it's your birthday today, you may be feeling under intense pressure. Seek therapy or counseling if past issues are still hurting you emotionally. Help is at hand; you only have to ask.

    Daily Planetary Overview Daily Planetary Overview: Tomorrow

    May gets off to a rather slow and slightly stuttering start, with a Moon-Mercury square making communication difficult for even the most charming of signs. Fire signs - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius - are especially likely to offend others, even without intending to, so it pays to run your words through an internal censor before writing or speaking them. During these energies, details can also be lost in the emotional confusion. Check and double check anything which matters. Where possible, get agreements in writing. Looking ahead, false positives are possible in any kind of test on Friday, when a tense aspect between the Moon and Neptune brings confusion and misunderstandings. If it's your birthday today, brush up on your communication skills in the coming year. Maybe a class in public speaking would help your career? Grow your confidence in this area.

    Daily Planetary Overview Daily Planetary Overview: Yesterday

    We all know what we want today, but we can't quite seem to figure out how to get it. As the Moon opposes Saturn, the brakes are on, and nothing quite makes sense. Focus your attention elsewhere for now, and trust that the picture will become clearer with time. Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces may be especially confused, but clarity is not far away. Looking ahead, communication gets a whole lot easier on Wednesday, as Mercury retrograde ends. Breathe easier, and start catching up with what you've missed! If it's your birthday today, think laterally in the coming year. If you've exhausted all the obvious routes to success, find the path less used and follow that instead. You'll get there.

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