About Us

I’ve got kids is a site for all of us who have children. Whether you’re pregnant, a parent to a newborn, parent to a teen or a parent to a parent, there will be something for everyone.

I’ve got kids was set up to support parents with children of all ages, both emotionally, and through our 1-Stop, financially too. In our 1-Stop, we wanted to put the beauty of Ebay’s auctions, Amazon’s marketplace, Gumtree’s classifieds and Itsy’s small business concepts all under one roof and inspire parents to buy from each other, thereby keeping costs down and on the flip side, financially supporting each other.

We are offering you everything you would expect from a parenting site, plus lots more. A discussion forum where we invite you all to share your knowledge and experiences in child rearing, recipe’s, fashion, beauty, gossip, products and much, much more. We have also partnered with Noesis Chat, so if you’re feeling a little lonely, why not check out the chat rooms? There you can find other mums and chat to them real time.

In addition, we will have loads of interesting articles and video advice courtesy of our partnership with

With all of this, and horoscopes for you and your child, we hope you can find regular inspiration to help you manage your days.

You can also follow us on twitter: @IGKids – we’ll be posting yours and your child’s horoscopes every day as well as keeping you up to date on the latest happenings on our site.

So put your feet up, get your cuppa and let us join you as you can finally… relax!

Alyson Larholm